22 infringements issued after three-day police blitz, Gold Coast

Gold Coast police have renewed their calls for motorists to secure their loads while driving, after a successful three day operation.

Officers issued 22 traffic infringement notices between 4.00am Wednesday December 9 and 1.00pm Friday December 11.

The joint operation involved officers from Nerang, Coomera and Mudgeeraba proactively patrolling the M1 and key entry and exit points.


It was launched as a result of a number of serious incidents on the M1 recently, which saw a number of crashes and sadly a fatality.

Of the 22 infringements issued during this time, 12 were for failing to secure a load. Three were for driving a defective vechile, and seven were for other driving related offences including speeding, driving while unlicensed, failing to stop at a red light and using a mobile phone.

Acting Inspector Andrew Godbold is again reminding motorists to be safe on the roads, ahead of what’s expected to be a very busy Christmas period.

“As we’ve seen on our local roads recently, unsecured loads have the potential to end in tragic circumstances.

“Whether you’re driving around the corner or travelling on a highway, it’s important to understand that any loose object – whether it is a hammer, a piece of wood, or even a piece of rubbish – has the potential to cause a serious traffic incident.

“We implore motorists to do the right thing and ensure any items they may be carrying are secured appropriately,” he said.

He also thanked motorists for their understanding and engagement throughout the operation.

“Generally speaking we saw good compliance from a majority of the vehicles we intercepted and inspected.

“There will always be instances where people don’t do the right thing, but it’s also part of our role to educate motorists who, in some instances, genuinely believe they have secured their load appropriately,” Acting Inspector Godbold said.

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The concept of creating notice to people of their pathetic compliance with safety in vehicles will go as before because the penalties are small. It seems if you can not secure a ladder which kills someone then what happens? People rushing around without any considerations of care is just the same as those who would break the Coronavirus rules regardless of others values and they don’t care about much at all. The world is full of these people.

See it every day on our roads.
Should be a special license test for tradies

They should be targeted constantly by QPS for these offences and fined each time, not given warnings
I see unsecured loads everyday