$24m of cannabis seized and destroyed in northern NSW

More than 12,000 cannabis plants have been seized by police as part of the Cannabis Eradication Program (CEP) in northern New South Wales.

During this season’s CEP, police seized 12,096 plants, with an estimated street value of more than $24.2 million.

This includes 4153 plants seized in New England Police District, 1692 plants seized in Tweed/Byron Police District, 3503 plants seized in Richmond Police District, and 2748 plants seized in Coffs/Clarence Police District.


Officers also seized about 30kg of cannabis head and leaf, 1kg of resin, and a variety of ammunition.

25 people in total were served Court Attendance Notices as a result of the seizures.

The CEP is an annual operation, led by detectives from the State Crime Command’s Drug and Firearms Squad, which targets the outdoor cultivation of cannabis throughout Northern NSW.

Drug and Firearms Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Martin Fileman, said officers worked in extreme conditions and thick, dense bushland.

“With the optimal cannabis growing season being late spring and summer, the CEP can be physically challenging for our teams, particularly when removing large crops of mature plants from remote areas,” Detective Fileman said.

“The assistance of our specialist units and their equipment is essential to the success of the program, as is the expert skills of all investigators and officers on the ground.

“Many of the large crop sites were located on Crown Land or in remote areas of private land – often unbeknownst to the owner.

“Cultivating any type of plant on land without permission or authority is theft.

“Our farmers are already doing it tough – they don’t need crooks destroying parts of their property and attempting to make a profit out of crops on stolen land,” he said.

All the plants were certified by an agronomist and have since been destroyed.

The CEP began in the 1980s, to target outdoor cannabis crops.

During the program’s lifetime, $380 million dollars worth of cannabis plants have been seized.

PHOTO | Supplied by NSW Police

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How much did this whole operation cost taxpayers?

In the future our governments will look back on this era with shame and remorse. Instead of persecuting and hounding cannabis growers, how about addressing the harm done by alcohol and prescription drugs? Both of them kill thousands of people every year. Cannabis has proven medical benefits, that can NOT be said for alcohol which destroys lives – but it’s perfectly legal. It’s time for total cannabis decriminalization. We need to follow the example set by Canada.

California is now decriminalized and it’s legal to grow and to buy

If people take up cannabis instead of booze, who will fill the hospitals with cancer and chronic alcohol disorders? how will big pharma make $billions if the biggest health issue in the country starts to disappear?
The Booz agenda is real and it’s about keeping you sick and dumb.
Are you sick of being dumb?
Wake up sleeople.

Such a shame

mentioning the use of “crown land” as theft is pretty ironic

Destroying a plant that is a proven healer for chronic epilepsy sufferers . Thousands of children daily are using MEDICAL CANNABIS to alleviate up to a 100 fits a day & more.
It’s helps cancer sufferers with the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation, helps them with nausea, pain & sleep .
It has been proven to heal brain tumours when caught early enough .
Even Dr Teo is a firm believer in its incredible healing powers .
BIG PHARMA will be so proud of our boys/ woman in blue …. fill the pockets of BIG PHARMA & let the sick suffer & die .
I’m disgusted that our government is using our hard earned tax dollars to find cannabis growers .
We should be paying them to grow more & heal our sick & dying ….

Everyone should go & see “ HIGH AS MIKE “ showing in most independent theaters now , it’s about a man with a brain tumour who is using medical cannabis to help save his sight ..
After seeing this film you will change your mind about cannabis & see it for what How God meant it to be used . To make Cannabis oil & save those suffering , it has all the hallucinogenic properties removed & is just like any other medicine , except it doesn’t have the debilitating side effects of pharmaceuticals & it actually works .

Please people do some research & see this act for what it is ….. BIG PHARMA paying our officials to get rid of the competition.

I am a grandmother & never touched cannabis in my whole life & spent my years as a mother being a helicopter mum .Making sure my children never became involved with drugs .
I quickly changed my mind when my brother in-law was diagnosed with a particularly bad form of brain cancer & spent many hours day & night looking for a cure .
That’s when I learned about the healing powers of MEDICAL CANNABIS.