25 Most Beautiful Photos On Flickr In 2014


Although there are millions of photographs on Flickr, the photography giants have somehow managed to collect a list of the 25 most inspiring, exquisite photographs of 2014. Their final list was determined by community engagement—how many times each photo had been viewed and favorited—and it features some really incredible pieces.

1. *** by Elina Shumilova



With a portfolio of almost 300 unique and beautiful photographs, Elena Shumilova is without a doubt one of the most talented photographers and Flickr members on the Internet.

2. Nightly shower 130812 F4332 by Pete Huu


This striking photograph was taken near Helsinki, whilst Pete Huu was hunting for Perseids.

3. Persist | Lofoten, Norway by Lorenzo Montezemolo


This bright green streak of aurora lasted for quite a while in Lofted, Norway. According to Lorenzo Montezemolo, he had four hours to take a great photo of the strange green lights.

4. Wherever You Lay Your Head by Rosie Hardy


Accompanied by an inspiring Lana Del Rey quote, this photograph by Rosie Hardy was taken last February and has received over 800,000 views.

5. John. by LJ


The identity of John is limited to his name, but according to LJ’s photograph information this was taken in Overtown, Miami.

5. Lightbulb by Alexandr Tikki


The lightbulb is the comic indicator of bright ideas, but few of those thoughts could become reality without the work of human hands.

6. Ixspreparation2 by Mark Rademaker


This is the Eaglework’s IXS Enterprise First Generation FTL Starship concept, one of Mark Rademaker’s many fantastic works of art and engineering.

7. Night Reading by Laura Williams


“Sometimes when I can’t sleep I sit on my ceiling and read.” – Laura Williams. Don’t we all!

8. Besides my dad, she was the only one in my family who was like this… by Brandon Stanton


Do you remember the saddest moment of your life? When my grandmother died. I was nine. Besides my dad, she was the only one in my family who was like this. And she was the only other person who could give me any perspective on what it was going to be like, and how to handle it.”

9. Loopy sky by SoulRiser


SoulRiser seems a little surprised that his photograph is featuring on these ‘Top of 2014′ lists, but with beautiful shots like this I’m surprised there aren’t more of his on making the cut!

10. Bear Lake – Pentax 67 + Portra 400 by Trent Davis


Taken near Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Forest, this photograph is one of Trent Davis’ impressive, 1000-strong Flickr collection.

11. NAVCAM top 10 at 10 km – 10 by European Space Agency


Although this may look a bit like a ink blot test, it’s actually Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and the shot was taken my the European Space Agency’s Rosetta. “Some light contrast enhancements have been made to emphasise certain features and to bring out features in the shadowed areas” the ESA says, but this is only because in reality the comet is almost pitch black.

12. Oil Pastels by Jon Smith


The first step to creating this fantastic photograph was to fill a standard lightbulb with oil paints, the second step was a lot simpler: shooting it with a pellet gun.

13. Here, Once Again by Alex Benetel


Despite the worrying amount of leeches that can be found on her Aunt’s property, Alex Benetel was determined to get this photograph. A brave, brave photographer if ever there was one.

14. Chinatown by Masashi Wakui


Yokohama Chinatown (35°26’39.2″N 139°38’53.2″E) is a beautiful little part of the world, and thanks to Masashi Wakui we all get to see it.

15. Such Is The Price Of Leaving by Whitney Justesen


Whitney Justesen’s photostream is perhaps one of the most beautiful so far, featuring more photographs from her trip to Alaska it’s certainly worth seeing.

16. I Will Learn To Love The Skies I’m Under. by David Uzochukwu


This photograph was taken alongside 23 others by different photographers. Each of these talented artists was asked to interpret one line of Mumford & Sons’ Hopeless Wanderer. David Uzochukwu did a fantastic job with the equally beautiful lyrics “I will learn to love the skies I’m under”.

17. On The Neighbour’s Grounds by Rosie Anne Prosser


After fog and mist rolled onto the lands that Rosie Anne Prosser new so well, she found herself wandering like a stranger.

18. The Dreamy Coast by Rob Macklin


Rob Maclin often drives for miles to get a good photograph, and when clouds finally rolled into the California skies back in January he was quick to travel with his son to the coast and await this majestic sunset.

19. Bagel & Lox by Davide Luciano


Davide Luciano’s gourmet mouse trap: delicious but deadly!

20. Little Sherlock by Adrian Sommeling


Using clever lighting and Adobe Photoshop, Adrian Sommeling has creating a mind-blowing portfolio filled with these unique, surreal photographs.

21. Pyramid Barn by Steve Arnold


Named Pyramid Barn because in some spots it looked like a miniature pyramid, Steve Arnolds says this illustrious farmland reminded him of many trips the UK’s Glastonbury Festival.

22. HIPA by Ian Webb


HIPA is a non-profit photography show that will take place in England later this year. Ian Webb aims to raise HIPA’s profile so everyone can join in.

23. Fim de tarde by Johnson Barros


Choosing to be a pilot is choosing to live a hectic, stressful life: but I bet few among them would change their paths.

24. 320/365 by Alex Currie


As far as selfies go, Alex Curie has to be the master of them right?

25. Red Anemone by Jacob Edmiston


Jacob Edmiston’s photography portfolio includes some of the most detailed, exquisite of flowers that can be viewed by human eyes, there’s no wonder at all his inspired work was included in the Top 2014 lists.

Featured photo credit: Box Brownie | Little Visuals via littlevisuals.co

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