$25,000 grants available for Aussies to build homes and renovate

Those looking at building a home or undergoing substantial renovations can now apply for $25,000 grants from the federal government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has unveiled the new Homebuilder program, which will make grants available to those who were looking to build or significantly renovate over the coming months.

It’s understood the project needs to be worth at least $150,000, and it can’t be used on a new pool or separate garage.


The grants will be made available until the end of the year, costing a total of $668 million, which the Treasurer predicts will help fund between 25,000-30,000 projects around Australia, boosting jobs in the construction industry in the short and long term.

Scott Morrison says these grants will go a long way in helping the economy recover from coronavirus.

“$25,000 to support those families and those Australians whose dream it was to build their home, or to do that big renovation, a dream that they thought might have been crushed by the coronavirus.

“Well, we’re here to tell them that we’re going to keep that dream alive for them. And the dream alive of the jobs for the builders, the apprentices and the tradies who depend on this critical industry right across the country.

“In our regional cities and our towns, in suburbs like where we are today, this is good news.

“It is good news because it shows the Government understands the challenges that we face in rebuilding our economy, both the short-term challenges of keeping industries like this going, but also the longer-term challenges,” Morrison said.

It’s understood the grants will be made available through the state governments.

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“The plan will be restricted to people on middle incomes and to new homes and major renovations valued between $150,000 to $750,000.”
Hope that value range changes because there won’t be many people who can raise those kinds of renovation funds.

New home prices have just gone up by 25K!

Realestate Renovation guidelines = max spend of 10% against home value.
So if your home is worth 750K you should limit renovations to 75k.
Spend 150k and you will not recoup your investment.

Is that real? I was thinking of renovating a run down holiday home in the region about 50km away from the CBD. House it not worth much but the land and house is probably worth about $600 – 650K in today’s market.

Can anyone tell me if we can use it to build a granny flat?

if your flat is attached it is BCA class is extension, and DA required with some facilities restricted. If you changing inside, then is renovation, with some not req DA. if you live in expanded dwelling, the new must be on same t**le, eg class as for extension, otherwise its a new dwelling. Granny flats are complying development, but otherwise look excluded.

I have this question too


No you can’t!

The pre-renovation value of the house must not exceed $1.5 million and excludes sheds, pools, granny flats and any other structures not attached to the property.

Hmm is this confirmed? Or it’s just speculation? I really want to build a granny flat.

If the flat is detached and services are duplicated its a granny flat and needs only complying DA = No grant.
If attached, some shared facility = extension = standard DA = Grant.
Change of use or S96 later can still achieve a granny flat. ie attached, but seprate facility, but No separate t**le.

What if my renovations may only cost $25000. I don’t need to spend $150000.

Me too I could do my bathroom and kitchen on 25000

We own a unit in a building. If every unit is to receive $ 25,000 could this money be used for urgent repairs to concrete spalling in the building required to maintain the building provided every one agreed.

We have already spent 200K this year but now need to spend a further 100K for the renovations to be completed would we be entitled as we have just put the builder on hold due to the times from covid’19?

cost of renovation >$150k =$25K grant.
Cost of each strata renovation. 🙁

We are pensioners are we legible for the home renovations grant.

I believe you need to be working and paying tax, you need to read the website

I am hoping we can apply for this as my husband is not able to do the reno’s we need

I think this is a great idea with significant flaws, I’m a single income household that fits into the income bracket for this grant, but as it sits at the moment my house isn’t worth what I paid for it 7 years ago and as much as I’d love to do those renovations I’ve been putting off and help keep people employed and working I am not going to spend $150K on my house, not in this market and I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one who falls into this category.

I get that the government doesn’t want to hand out money just for the sake of it, but surely there is a better way to go about this. They could’ve matched what a person spends on their renovations, up to $25K, (you just want to renovate your bathroom, here’s $7k from the Government to match your share of the $14K reno price tag or you want to renovate you kitchen here’s $25K from the Government to assist with the $60-70K reno price tag.) this would put the grant within reach for more Australian home owners, therefore providing more work to people in the construction industry.

I been trying to find out where do I need to go to apply for this?? Could anyone guide me? Thanks

It is not legislated yet so not available at the moment!

I’m the same! How do we apply for this?

I kept looking around and the closest thing I found was the website of Revenue NSW, that it’s we’re you apply for First Home Owner Grant, but there is nothing up yet.
If anyone have any further information, please share 🙂 will be highly appreciated!!!

If a contract was signed a couple weeks ago, does this mean there is no way of getting this grant? Or can something be done?

The contract was signed 2 months ago, but we are still waiting the approving from Council, there is any way we can get this grant?

cancel the contract & renegotiate = 🙂

We Just started to renovate are we still able to get grant

We just started to renovate are we still able to apply for grant

How are you going to manage to spend over $150k on renovations? Is everything gold?

If you’re spending $150k on a renovation it’s either not a renovation or you’re running a money laundering scheme and have to thrown money away at a loss to clean it.

and where is the link to apply for this grant?

It’s mostly for new home builders. $150k Renovation for a property worth less than 750k, what I can say?

Can a permanent resident be qualified for this?

We should raise this issue to gov so they can broaden the criteria. Im sure many PR want to build as this an opportunity to settle in Propety ownership. State goverment can customise the criteria like what they have done in Western Australia.

Hi Mate have the WA has included PR holders ?

WA has included foreign citizen in their bonus grant of $20000. My understanding is in WA, PR holders can get 10K+20K=35K and citizen can get 10+20+25K=55K

looks like it is only or citizens. I am a permenant resident disappointed with this eligibility criteria.

Me too.. So disappointing.
Permanent Residents also pay tax and contribute to the economy.

We should speak out and tell govt to reconsider , there are thousands of PR leftover due to govt descrimition

The PR grant letter from AUST immigrant clearly tells equal right and access,

Let’s get strong through social media and share our thoughts

How we can raise this to government

Any suggestion to bring this before Government ? I am feeling as if I lost my money :(. The State government will be able to amend this ? How do we get attention from the Premier. I am in VIC by the way. Social media is a long process. Can we meet or do something about it

I have to agree ,I have lived in australia for 49 years, all my working life. I am a PR with voting rights and assumed that was as good as a citizen. I was 18 when I emigrated.

thats true, when PR holders can be eligible for job seeker, job keeper schemes, then why they exclude only in this. Is there any way we raise this to government?

Think about it you have not contributed to the economy long enough, I been working since 12 years old in my parents company and now I am 52 and I have never been unemployed and paid taxes and never got any government hand outs because I have never been eligible. Stop sooking

How we can raise this issue ??

They didn’t actually say how to apply for it or include a link. Does anyone know how we go about applying for it

I’m interested in this answer as well, has anyone seen a link to apply yet?

Hi can we build upstair second storey?

Anyone knows whether we can build our second storey?

Really, who has any money these days to spend on renovations let alone $150,000 + to being able to qualify for the grant. Most out there, like us, don’t even currently have the capability’s to even borrow that kind of amount due to being down to one household income from covid19. And like a lot of others we could really do with this grant, not for just adding something to our property but for necessity. We have serious issues at our place with our side yard and back fence to our neighbour that are held up by retaining walls as high as our house, that bit by bit are leaning closer & closer to come down on top of us. Stemming from all the excessive rain we got in the storms late last year and early this year and after insurance company recently denying our claim because “Retaining Walls” and “Natural Earth Movement / Landslides” are exempt, we are left to just watching this happen while we try to come up with the $45,000 – $50,000 ourselves to fix this. Which like I said before is going to take awhile with everything that has changed all our circumstances of late to being able to obtain the backing we would need to even applying for finance for that…
Maybe they should re-assess the criteria for this grant in regards to what people might actually need it for.

Is it for only for citizen or can permanent residence eligible for this grant

It’s only for Citizens.

I don’t know who works out his calculations and his conditions. But unless your wealthy been put into lower income. House is just over a 100,000. You need building construction work done to your house then you can get it. To bad if you need to remodel kitchen, maybe do some plumbing. Cause your house is over 20years like my house. When they built house they didn’t install kitchen the way it should have been done. That my oven is a ticking time bomb waiting to catch fire. Not too mention electrical needs to be upgraded because new oven can’t work on the grid. I have the oven can’t afford the remodel and can’t afford the new installation and can’t get the grant from the Govt. Because we’re not broke a*** enough, we’re not rich enough we fall into the category of Australians who work there a*** off and get no hand outs. He’s just making his fat cat friends happier while keeping his construction buddies happy.
It’s a joke.
I for one have had enough.
Why can’t we ever get help!!!!!

It’s only for construction what about all the other trades. I need plumbing done. I need electrical work done. I want to remodel a kitchen and I want to make changes to a shower. Why can’t we apply and help move the economy along that way. So everyone gets a slice of the pie not just one industry. Common on Scott Morrison do the right thing for once.

Hi I would like to extend 1 to 3 three rooms in my built house already can I get a grant and I m single not working now as I had stillborn baby just 1 week ago will I get it

You have to produce your 2018-2019 tax return and be working, I am sorry to hear you had a still born baby however keep in mind you have to pay out first $150K before they give it to you otherwise people will get the money and not renovate. You have to prove you can afford it.

Is there gonna be issues if couples are an Australian Citizen and the other a permanent resident? Planning to build a house.

In the FAQ it says all applicants/owners occupiers need to be citizens.

I read yesterday that so long as one of the named applicants is a citizen it’s ok.

Really annoying it doesn’t inc residents, the processing time for citizenship is 2 years…

Do you know where you read this info as it’s something we are trying to see if we can do.. I’m a citizen partner is pr.

Hi GC where did you read this?

Do anyone got an answer for this?

you meet one of the following two income caps:
$125,000 per annum for an individual applicant based on your 2018-19 tax return or later; or
$200,000 per annum for a couple based on both 2018-19 tax returns or later;
• you enter into a building contract between 4 June 2020 and 31 December 2020 to either just looks like the rich looking out for the rich scam so pretty much go punch f***ing sand if you earn under 125k

What if the 2018-19 tax is within income caps, but the 2019-2020 ran out of income cap?
Do they consider? Or will be rejected? Please advice

How about holiday home renovations??

1) What if the 2018-19 tax is within income caps, but the 2019-2020 ran out of income eligibility?
Do they consider? Or will be rejected? Please advice

2) What if one couple is a Citizen and the other is PR? Can only the citizen partner apply ?

My wife is a citizen I’m Pr ,
Do we qualify for the $25,000 Grant

How do you apply?. Ive searched high and low

Does landscaping around the main house fall under this? Or, if we are going pavilion style house with separate home office and exercise room to keep work out of home, but on the same t**le as the main house, can that be included?

No to landscaping read the facts sheet you will need to do a DA and see if you qualify

No one where ever I go on site will tell me how to apply for the $25000 renovation grant

Hi – Just wondering if anyone knows when they say 750k cap (new build and land) what is defined as land value? For example if i’m looking to buy a piece of land with a house on it where the intent is to demolish and it costs 500k (purchase price) but for rates purposes the land has a deemed value of 400k what is the ‘land value’ assumed at?

Any thoughts appreciated.


Hi my husband is citizen but am permanent resistance is we are eligible for 25 k grant

In the same situation really would like to know as counting on the grant to make it worthwhile

Can a Strata complex apply or is it only a homeowner