254 dead, 400 injured, 200 missing after landslide strikes at midnight

MORE than 250 people are dead, 400 are injured and 200 are missing after a landslide swept through the Colombian city of Mocoa in the middle of the night.

Hours of torrential rainfall caused three major rivers to rapidly rise and burst their banks, triggering a catastrophic landslide.

A wall of mud and water roared down the side of a mountain and smashed into the capital city of the southwestern Putumayo province.


The torrent flattened buildings, cars and trees, and swept away homes while residents slept in their beds.

It’s understood an emergency warning siren had sounded throughout the city as the river’s rose but for many, it was too late.

According to the Columbian army, at least 254 people were killed, 400 people had been injured and 200 more were missing, although President Juan Manuel Santos said the latest death toll stood at 193.

More than 1000 soldiers and police officers have joined the rescue effort but were forced to suspend the search on Saturday night due to poor light.