26 arrests made on day three of schoolies

THE first weekend of celebrations for schoolies concluded last night with thousands of school leavers enjoying the entertainment on offer in Surfers Paradise..

Police were pleased with the behaviour of the vast majority of schoolies throughout the festivities on Sunday evening.

There were a number of disturbances involving non schoolies that came to police attention and were quickly contained.


Overnight police arrested 26 schoolies on 30 offences with the majority of charges for public nuisance and street offence with seven schoolies arrested for drug offences.

Of the schoolies arrested overnight 23 were males and three were female.

Liquor infringements notices were issued overnight to 77 schoolies.

So far since Friday night there have been a total of 45 schoolies arrested.

Overnight there were 27 people arrested on 32 charges which were not schoolies related and were mainly for drug, public nuisance and good order offences along with 22 non-schoolies receiving liquor infringement notices.