29 elderly people die after Covid vaccination in Norway

Australia’s Health Minister has assured that coronavirus vaccines are undergoing thorough testing, after reports that dozens of people died after getting the jab in Norway.

It’s understood that 29 elderly people passed away in the days after getting the Pfizer vaccination recently.

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration is now desperately seeking further information from Norway, to establish whether or not there was a link between the vaccine and the deaths.


Norwegian authorities report that all 29 people had serious underlying medical issues, with the deaths brought on by fever, nausea and diarrhoea.

Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt said that vaccine tests are still ongoing here in Australia, and the number one priority is safety.

“We don’t know yet whether this is a function simply of age and people who are older and sadly facing the natural loss of their life or whether there’s any causation – that hasn’t been asserted as yet,” Minister Hunt said yesterday.

“We’re proceeding with an abundance of caution. So there’s no change in our timeframes at this point.

“But the medical regulator is completely empowered, completely empowered, to make independent decisions,” Minister Hunt said.

Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout is still on track to begin in late February.

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