3.4 metre shark caught in same spot as Tuesday’s fatal attack

Another shark has been pulled from the waters at Snapper Rocks this morning, two days after the tragic death of surfer Nick Slater.

Queensland Fisheries has confirmed that a tiger shark was captured this morning, just under 3.5 metres in size.

Authorities believe the shark involved in Tuesday’s fatal attack may have been a white pointer of similar length, due to a tooth left behind in the board.


Yesterday, a tiger shark was caught at a drum line in Kirra, along with another smaller shark.

This morning, another has been caught at Snapper, in the same spot as the fatal attack.

It comes as authorities reopen the beaches today, advising swimmers and surfers to exercise extreme caution if going in the water.

Fisheries and Surf Life Saving Queensland will continue monitoring the waters closely in the area.

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Stop killing the sharks! Medieval. Nobody likes seeing this.

Stop the drum lines! Never has a white pointer been caught by one. They just catch everything else… leaving the sharks hungry

Stop killing the sharks

Why kill another shark ? It’s their territory. When u have no proof that it was the shark that killed the surfer. Just a kneej*** reaction of a mob that thinks that will solve the problem. It won’t.