3.4m Great White Shark caught and killed off Gold Coast Beach

A GIANT 3.4 metre Great White Shark has been caught and killed off Greenmount beach on the Gold Coast.

The huge shark was taken on a drumline on Wednesday afternoon, close to where the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro is being staged.


It’s believed a lifeguard on a jetski spotted the shark caught on the drumline around 2pm.

It’s the first great white shark to be caught and killed off Queensland this year, and the biggest shark caught off the Gold Coast in more than seven years.

Shark Control Program manager Jeff Krause told the Bulletin samples of the shark were taken for research before it was euthanised and disposed of at sea.

“I’m pretty sure it was brain spiked….which is the quickest and most humane way to kill a fish,” he said.

“It was a pretty big shark.”

The incident comes as debate continues in Western Australia over the government’s shark culling policy.

Introduced in December, the policy states all white, bull and tiger sharks over three metres long can be caught and killed.