3 Common Myths About Getting Old & the Exciting News For People Who Want to Stay Young Forever


IN this article we are going to discuss some common myths about getting old…..and how simply re framing your mental perspective on aging is often ALL you need to get a fresh perspective, and some much needed energy and enthusiasm BACK in your life.

Myth #1: Sex Drive Disappears With Age


Do you believe this? If you do….think again! Why? It’s a proven fact that this is actually a complete falsehood….with some studies showing that people are as active sexually at 70…as many people are during their sexual peak or prime! So if you’re 65 and older and reading this right now….don’t be alarmed to know that many of your peers are having JUST as much fun as you are! (and if you’re not and you’re single…go find someone else to share it with!)

Myth #2: Building Muscle is Impossible after 50

Not true! Many studies show that weight training is AS effective in senior citizen populations as it is in younger communities. The problem? Many folks believe that as they age their not supposed to train with weights, as they’re muscles aren’t able to “handle” it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as study after study shows that amongst the very BEST techniques for reversing biological age markers is in fact weight training for muscle!

Myth #3: The Fountain of Youth is Fiction

Not true again..:-) Did you know that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and anti-oxidant rich foods is a proven way to reverse much of the signs of aging? It’s true…and anti-oxidants like Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine and grape skins are revolutionizing the way that many scientists look at aging in the 21st century and beyond. Many people believe that we are only a decade or two away from seeing AVERAGE folks living well past the century mark…with the higher reaches of human potential and longevity exploding as we grow happier and healthier in the future.


Source by Tina Bardo