Donald Trump

3 Great things to come out of a Trump Presidency

Like many people, I spent too much time on Wednesday watching rolling news coverage of the U.S. Presidential election.

And like many, I was slightly alarmed, then terrified, then shocked, then devastated, when I realised that President Trump is now actually a thing.

In the aftermath, everyone is lamenting, “How was he voted into power? After all he’s done, how did this happen?”


He’s been caught on camera being degrading and sexist towards women, and he wants to make it a crime to have an abortion – but to his fans, this means he’s a blokes’ bloke who has good old-fashioned family values.

He’s rude, degrading and arrogant during media interviews – but to his fans, this means he’s direct and will ‘get the job done’.

His plans to ban all Muslims from America only serves to further divide an already fractured world, but to his fans, he’s committed to ‘keeping America safe’.

It’s confusing, and confounding. But I’ve been wading through the carnage online and I think now, I finally get it.

Trump won power because he’s different. He’s the complete antithesis of anyone even slightly political: he’s not all that savvy, he doesn’t have a good poker face, and he seems to say exactly what he thinks.

In a reality TV show? These qualities are brilliant – they make for good manufactured drama. In a President? Who knows where it will lead us…

But on that note, here are three great things to come out of Trump’s election:

  1. Trump will have to be President

For all of his crazy promises and self-aggrandising statements, I don’t even think Trump himself thought he would actually get elected. But now, he has to be President. What a bloody nightmare of a job – I mean, have you seen how much Obama has aged in the last 8 years?! He’s going to work crazy hours, and do loads of things he doesn’t want to do (something I’d imagine Donald isn’t very accustomed to), and make decisions that weigh heavily on the heart and soul. If this doesn’t temper his personality somewhat, nothing will…

  1. Politics are forever changed

One thing this election (and Brexit) has proven is that everyday people are fed up with being left behind. This presidency is going to shake things up and shine a big, bright light on many of the things that are wrong and corrupt with American policies and politics. While Trump may not be the ideal person to ‘fix’ America, he may just pave the way for the right kind of candidate to pick up where he left off.

  1. This is going to be fun

If you thought late night television and comedians had fun during the Bush administration, can you imagine how much material they’ll have to work with during a Trump Presidency?