3 y o Melbourne boy pulls off the great escape then falls asleep

A toddler found wandering through Melbourne’s west in nothing but his PJ’S, is back with his relieved mum.

A resident found the boy walking barefoot around Morris Street, Melton at around 2:00AM.

She took him to the Melton Police Station, but he wasn’t able to tell the police his own name or that of his parents.


Inspector Kathryn Rudkins told 9NEWS the boy managed to unlock his own front door before heading out into the streets.

“He’s a very adventurous little boy,” she said.

Because of the early hour his mum didn’t even realise he was missing until around four hours later.

Inspector Rudkins said she was “quite distraught” but “relieved” when she got to the police station.

“She was holding him very tightly,” she said.

9NEWS was told the boy was agitated when he was first brought into the station, but soon fell asleep.

His mother was filmed by 9NEWS entering the police station, but did not comment.