30,000 same-sex marriage supporters saturate Sydney streets in epic rally

TENS of thousands of people have saturated Sydney’s CBD in a massive show of support for same-sex marriage.

It is thought to be the largest demonstration ever held in support of the LGBTIQ community in Australia’s history.

An estimated 30,000 people of all ages and from every corner of what is Australia’s most populated city filled the streets outside Sydney’s Town Hall on Sunday afternoon asking for one thing – the equal right to marry.


Sunday’s rally in Sydney was the largest demonstration supporting LGBTIQ people Australia has ever seen PHOTO: Alex McKinnon

The colourful crowd arrived in their droves, armed with loads of love, rainbow flags, flowers, glitter and signs.

Scroll down to see a collection of the colourful signs!

The sea of people pounded the pavement with pride as they marched along Park and Elizabeth Streets before reaching Circular Quay.

The rainbow-clad crowd pounded the pavement with pride as they converged on Sydney’s CBD PHOTO: Alex McKinnon

There were similar scenes in Brisbane too, where an estimated 7000 people rallied through the city streets.

The rallies come after more than 20,000 same-sex marriage supporters converged on the streets of Melbourne.

An estimated 7000 same-sex marraige supporters took to the streets in Brisbane PHOTO: Instagram | @dalenapier

Among those who joined the enormous crowd in Sydney on Sunday were federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and his deputy, Tanya Plibersek.

Speaking at the rally, Mr Shorten apologised to the LGBTIQ Australians for “all of the hateful and stupid things which have been said and are going to be said until we win marriage equality”.

“I’m sorry to all LBGTIQ Australians … I’m sorry that the Parliament has not already resolved this matter,” he said.

“We’ve got one last mountain to climb before we make marriage equality a reality, let’s climb it together today.”

Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten and his deputy Tanya Plebersek joined Sunday’s rally for a ‘YES’ vote PHOTO: Twitter

Mr Shorten said a Labor government would make same-sex marriage legal within its first 100 days.

“If the survey for whatever reason is defeated, if I am elected Prime MInister, Tanya and I will introduce legislation for marriage equality within our first 100 days and 100 percent of Labor Party politicians will vote to make marriage equality a reality.”

Social media has since been flooded with photos from some of the best (and worst) signs from the rallies.

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics will start mailing out survey forms for the same-sex marriage postal vote to more than 16 million Australians on Tuesday.

The result of the $122 million, non-binding survey is expected to be announced on November 15.