32 flights delayed or cancelled as fog blankets Sydney

THERE are major delays for airline travellers around the country as heavy fog blankets Sydney Airport.

Dozens of flights were either delayed or cancelled on Saturday, as a thick layer of fog settled over the city.

Fifteen domestic flights due to fly in or out of Sydney were scratched, while five were delayed.


A further 11 international flights were delayed, while one was cancelled.

The setback is impacting flights to and from major destinations such as Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Canberra.

Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar, Tiger Air and Rex airlines are all affected.

While the airport remains operational, travellers are being urged to check their flight’s status with their airline.

Passengers are being warned to expect delays of at least 30 minutes at Sydney’s International Airport, while those flying from the domestic terminal are being forced to wait more than 45 minutes.

The fog was expected to clear by midday, with a clear and warm Saturday expected.

To check the current flight list at Sydney Airport, click here.