More than 330,000 pizzas expected to be delivered in QLD & NSW tonight

One of Australia’s biggest pizza chains has rostered all available staff to work tonight, with the company expecting to serve more than 330,000 pizzas for this evening’s big origin decider.

Domino’s says State of Origin matches are some of their biggest nights, with stores in Queensland and New South Wales expecting to cook double the number of pizzas compared to a typical Wednesday night.

CEO Nick Knight said the preparation work for tonight’s game had already kicked off, with every store ordering extra ingredients and rostering extra team members to keep up with demand.


Mr Knight said Domino’s expected to deliver tens of thousands of the most popular pizzas – Pepperoni, Meatlovers and Double Bacon Cheeseburger.

“These match nights can be bigger than any Grand Final, they’re the equivalent of a busy Friday or Saturday night but compressed, as every person wants their meal to be delivered in a precise window around kick-off, or up to half-time,” Mr Knight said.

“Every store will be turning on their ‘A Game’ tonight, they have to leave everything on the field; it’s about being slow where it matters – in making every pizza right – and fast where it counts – hustling them out the door.”