3yo daughter of Biloela family evacuated from Christmas Island after weeks of sickness

The daughter of the Tamil family from Biloela has had to be evacuated from Christmas Island with a suspected blood infection.

Three-year-old Tharnicaa was unwell for two weeks, with reports authorities on the Island were treating her with medications such as Nurofen.

After 12 days of sickness turned into several days of vomiting and dizziness, a medical evacuation was finally ordered when the little girl’s temperature soared above 40 degrees.


She was flown from Christmas Island to Perth yesterday and taken to Perth Children’s Hospital.

Her mother Priya was able to go with her, but her father Nades and older sister Kopika remain on Christmas Island, where the family has been detained since 2019.

A friend of the family, Angela Fredericks, spoke to The Today Show this morning and says it’s been a very traumatic few days for the family.

“She’s been unwell for about two weeks. She started having some temperatures and Priya says she was seen by the health facilities within the detention centre, and they were prescribing, Panadol, Nurofen.

However it was the last five days that she actually started having consistent high temperature, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and Priya was, you know, asking for her to be taken up to the hospital.

“And she kept getting told that it wasn’t serious enough.

“So, that’s essentially what we are quite outraged about – is the fact that these parents weren’t able to get their child proper medical treatment, and just the powerlessness in that situation,” Ms Fredericks said.