Is 45 too old to change your life?

According to this article, the ripe old age of 45 is officially the point of no return.

“At 45 one takes stock,” writes Megan McArdle.

“The building years of your life are over and what you are now is pretty much what you are going to be. Soon it will be what you were.


“You can no longer tell yourself that you might move to Lisbon, learn Portuguese and take up the guitar. You cannot learn Portuguese at your age. You can’t remember words anymore; you can’t even remember where you have left your keys.”

She may have been writing with her tongue firmly in cheek, but I’ve gotta say – I don’t agree with her in the slightest. Not even a tiny bit. At all!

Hitting your mid-40s doesn’t make you senile, or less capable. Yes, you review your life choices around milestone birthdays (of which 45 is now apparently one?!) but that should be a good thing.

It’s akin to doing a self-stocktake. Instead of counting cans of soup on the shelf or dresses on a rack, you take a look at what you’ve done and what you still want to do.

What happens next is up to you. Some, like Megan, choose to wallow in self-pity, despite having decades upon decades of life ahead of them.

Others? Well, they do anything in their power to make it happen for themselves.

For example, do you think J-lo sits down at the dinner table and laments the fact that she’s 48, thinking “Well, this is it for me?” Or does she forget about her age and instead gets working on her next pop hit or Hollymood movie role?

Other examples: Brisbane fashion blogger Nikki Parkinson took up running this year, at the tender age of 50.

Author Bryce Courtney didn’t publish his first novel, The Power of One, until he was 55.

Lisa Wilkinson just started a plumb new hosting role for a youth-oriented television show, aged 58.

Heck, Oprah’s 64 years young and she’s contemplating a Presidential run in 2020!

Your ‘use by date’ doesn’t end until you’re in the ground, so in my view that means it’s never too late to do anything – whether it’s take up painting, jumping out of a plane, change careers or even move to Lisbon, learn Portuguese and take up the guitar.