4WD bursts into fierce fireball at Mudgeeraba

RESIDENTS got a shock when a vehicle quite literally exploded into flames at Mudgeeraba overnight, with the sound of the blast echoing throughout the suburb.

It’s understood the vehicle burst into a fireball on Somerset Drive, near Somerset College, shortly after 10.30pm.

The explosion was so loud, it could be heard several blocks away.


Residents were quick to call it in, with Queensland Fire and Rescue Services on scene within minutes.


IMAGES: Anna Merson SOURCE: Supplied

One man, who requested that his name be withheld, drove past the incident and recalled hearing a series of explosions.

“I drove past it before it was on fire on the way to the IGA and saw a guy that was around 40 walking around the car,” he said.

“Then on the way back past, it was up in flames. I was at the IGA for less then 10 minutes,”

He said that he recalled hearing four explosions soon after police arrived.

No one was injured in the blaze, which reduced the 4WD to a charred shell.


IMAGES: Anna Merson SOURCE: Supplied