5 Incredible Surf Spots around the Gold Coast

Post by Kristy Alexander, a freelance travel writer for HotelClub.com.

ONE of the best things about surfing on the Gold Coast is that the water is warm enough most of the year to just paddle on out in your boardies or swimsuit.

There would only be a month or two in winter where you’d even bother with a wetsuit and most locals don’t even do that.


So where to go? There are so many great beaches along this stretch of Aussie coastline.

[signoff icon=”icon-water”]1. Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta
This is the home base for the Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro each year so you know it must be good. It is actually part of a chain of three awesome breaks, the other two being Rainbow Bay and Greenmount.  Believe it or not this is actually an accidental man made creation formed through the pumping of sand from the river.  Theoretically you can catch a wave from Snapper Rocks all the way through to Greenmount but the conditions have to be spot on and it would need to be a lot emptier than it normally is to achieve this. A popular surf spot.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-water”]2. Duranbah
Sadly the surf isn’t perfect at Snapper Rocks every day, even when it is the week of the surfing comp! So when the waves are packing it in at the rocks the comp picks up and moves to another spot close by and Duranbah is one of those spots!  The best thing about the break at D-bah is that it is consistent. You will almost always be able to catch a great wave here. Get the binoculars out too as it is quite the star studded surfing spot. This is where the pros surf when they are taking time off the competition circuit.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-water”]3. Kirra Point
Heading north from Snapper Rocks the next break you’ll find is at Kirra Beach.  This is also a back up location for the Quicksilver Pro when the waves at the Rocks aren’t keeping it real. This used to be a top class break but the sand pumping that made the stretch at Snapper Rocks so great has had the opposite effect at Kirra.   It’s still a great spot and well worth checking out as when it’s on, damn it is on. Get ready for a long walk though. It feels like you need to walk about 1 km  across the sand from the road to the water. Plenty of space for sunbaking![/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-water”]4. Burleigh Heads
The break at Burleigh is world renowned but the locals there are territorial so mind your manners. That means no dropping in which is just poor form anyway. There is a rock jump which is dicey so you do need to be careful. An awesome break in a beautiful location but not without its risks.  This break is also an alternative spot for the comps when Snapper Rocks doesn’t have the goods.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-water”]5. The Spit
This is actually at the North end of the coast (as opposed to the previous 4 which are down at the south end). Had to throw one in for you guys up there! It is a hot favourite of the North as it is a nice reliable break. You will almost always find a wave here.[/signoff]