5-month-old baby boy dies at Brisbane day care centre

Police have launched an investigation after a baby died at a daycare house in Brisbane yesterday.

The five-month-old boy could not be revived by paramedics at the Wallace Street house in Moorooka, after they were called there just before 11am on Wednesday.

Police said initial information suggest the death was not suspicious. However, there are reports some children had been locked in rooms for long periods of time, so officers are looking into how children were being treated at the daycare.


“When police were looking through the premises generally to check on its condition, they found some locked doors,” Inspector Steve Flori said yesterday. “When those doors have been opened, they’ve actually found children in some of the rooms.”

A police spokesperson also said they had problems contacting parents of other children at the centre due to language problems and there being no records for next of kin.

Test results on the baby boy are due back today. Police are preparing a report for the coroner.