5 things you won’t find out about the Real Housewives of Sydney by watching it

Big glamour, big drama and big egos: yep, these are the ingredients of a killer reality show, alright. Fortunately, the new cast members of the Real Housewives of Sydney series bring all of this to the table – and then some!

We were lucky enough to share a cocktail or two and break bread with Nicole O’Neil (a former beauty queen) and Krissy Marsh (billed as the ‘property princess’) at the Stingray Bar at QT Gold Coast this week.

As we discovered, they were every bit as gorgeous and extravagant as you’d expect them to be. But the jetsetting pair, who each recently returned to Sydney from stints living overseas, were also incredibly charming, down to earth and funny.


In between chatting about friendships, fertility, motherhood and money, they also shared some ‘behind the scenes’ goss from filming the show:

1. They all lost weight during filming
But it wasn’t because they were worried about being slim on camera. It’s because they were never fed! “We would sometimes start filming at 6 or 7 in the morning and we wouldn’t get to eat lunch until 2 or 3 in the afternoon,” Nicole shares. “By then I was starving – I’m a wog, I’ve got to eat!” As a result, all of the housewives lost weight during filming thanks to the sheer craziness of their schedule.

2. One Housewife = one cameraman
Those group dinners you see? The casual coffee dates with three of the wives? They’re being filmed from multiple angles – up to 7 times over! Each housewife is assigned one full-time cameraman, so there are always several of them hovering when the gals get together. Their fave was a cameraman named ‘Sausage’, though “we never did find out why he got that nickname,” Nicole laughs.

3. Producers often intervened
Though mainly it was to tell them to stop eating! Each wife was also assigned a producer, who was tasked with keeping the ‘storyline’ moving forward. When the ladies finally did get around to eating during a ‘scene’, producers often tapped them on the shoulder to kindly request they stop stuffing their faces. This was because, due to the aforementioned zillions of cameras, if one woman was eating, it could ruin the shot from multiple angles. Why? Because eating don’t look pretty on TV!

4. There’s a solid Gold Coast connection
A former Bondi University alum, Nicole spent a few years getting to know the Gold Coast, and she’s still a huge fan of Robina Town Centre. Meanwhile, Krissy – who hails from Brisbane – jets in regularly to visit relatives and friends. She was in town just before Christmas for a 40th celebration, and her husband loves to surf when they’re in town.

5. The show is a full-time job
As an out and proud Housewives fan, I’ve always wondered how much time each housewife invested into filming. After all, it seems like a big undertaking to squeeze in, in and around kids and careers and socialising and husbands and travel and life! As it turns out, the film crew followed the ladies around Sydney for five full months to end up with a dozen or so 42-minute episodes of final footage. They filmed five days a week, shooting anything from 3 to 12 hours a day. But it was all worthwhile, says Krissy: “We had an absolute ball!”

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SYDNEY premieres on Foxtel’s Arena on Sunday, February 26 at 7:30pm QLD/ 8:30pm AEDT.