5 tips to avoid phone bill shock while overseas

Heard stories about people accidentally racking up thousands of dollars on their mobile phone while travelling overseas? Well it’s not as hard as you think.

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you don’t get the shock of your life when opening up that phone bill after the trip of a lifetime.

1. Turn off data roaming
If you want to avoid bill shock, do this before you even get on the plane in Australia. Turning off this setting tells your phone not to connect to data networks that are outside of your home network, helping you avoid those hefty data roaming charges.


2. Buy a prepaid SIM in Australia 
If you are visiting more than one country on your trip, this is the best option for you, as it will allow you to make cheap phone calls and texts. Go-Sim or TravelSIM offer great deals and you can top up via an app on your phone. You will need to make sure your phone is unlocked though in order to use these services.

3. Buy a local SIM at your destination
This is the best option if you are just heading to just one country – say the UK or USA. You should be able to purchase one at the airport at your destination, or even at the supermarket. You will get a new number though, so will need to pass this on to family and friends and your phone will once again need to be unlocked to use.

4. Buy prepaid roaming
Are you with Telstra or Optus? Both offer prepaid plans that allow you to use the internet while travelling overseas.

5. Use Wi-Fi
Make the most of free wi-fi spots at your destination. So many places offer complimentary wi-fi such as a hotel lobby and local cafes.