50-year-old Gold Coast cyclist hospitalised after high speed crash

A 50-YEAR-OLD woman is recovering in hospital with facial injuries after a high-speed bicycle crash on the Gold Coast on Tuesday afternoon

Paramedics were called to the corner of Helensvale Road and Discovery Drive around 1.30pm following reports a woman had hit her head after coming off her pushbike at high-speed.

Helensvale resident Kerrie Hawker was first on the scene and said the woman was thrown head first into the pavement after losing her front tyre.


“We were coming out of our street and we noticed her coming down the hill at high speed and by the time we had entered the roundabout and turned, we saw her face down on the footpath,” Kerrie said.

“She thankfully had a helmet on but unfortunately she still hit the footpath face first.

“We pulled over straight away and called an ambulance as blood was pouring out of her head.

“The poor lady was in an awful state when Mum and I found her. She was in shock and couldn’t recall the accident.

Kerrie said the response from nearby council workers and passing motorists was comforting to see.

“The council workers pulled up behind me and did not leave the scene until the ambulance was ready to leave. They cleaned up the blood off the sidewalk. They were really top blokes.”

“Fortunately one lady who also pulled over was a nurse and was able to comfort the woman while I spoke to the triple-0 operator,” Kerrie said.

She was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment to facial injuries.