500 extras wanted for Gold Coast shoot of Thai Cave Rescue film

The call is out for Asian males on the Gold Coast to be part of a blockbuster international feature film.

Work is underway in the hinterland for the movie Thirteen Lives, which will tell the gripping true story of the 2018 rescue of a boys’ soccer team from a cave in Thailand.

Casting Director Bud Hopes told the 1029 Hot Tomato breakfast team on Thursday morning that they need 500 extras for the movie.


“We’re looking for primarily Thai men between 10 and 100 years old,” he told Galey, Emily Jade & Christo.

“We’ve actually extended the search out to surrounding countries like Cambodia, and the ones that are right next to Thailand, so Burma etc.”

The extras will be required to fill roles such as Thai Police and Thai Navy Divers, as well as Search and Rescue and government officials.


Mr Hopes said his group will take applications, and then present the faces to legendary film director Ron Howard.

“Southern Asian look…..no experience is necessary and it pays around $26 per hour for adults.”

For details on where to send a selfie, go to facebook.com/budhopescasting.

Listen to Bud’s full interview with Galey, Emily Jade & Christo below: