$500,000 reward to solve Queensland 1972 cold case murder

The reward to help crack a 46-year-old cold case has been doubled, to $500,000, in a move Police hope will “bring the answers needed”.

The “first of its kind” increase relates to the murder of 14-year-old Marilyn Wallman in Mackay in 1972, which has been the subject of complex and protracted police investigations.

“This marks a significant milestone for this investigation and I have been advised it is the first time a government funded increase to an existing reward has been granted,” Police Minister Mark Ryan said.


“Police believe this is a necessary step for their investigation and we all hope it will help bring the answers needed by Marilyn’s family,” Mr Ryan added.

Just before 7.45am on March 21 1972, Marilyn left her family home headed for the Rural Youth Hall where she was to catch the bus to school.

Ten minutes later, Marilyn’s two younger brothers also left home, headed on the same 800m journey.

While riding along Wallman Road, the two brothers found Marilyn’s bike and her school bag open and books spread across the road.

Police and members of the community conducted an extensive search over the following days, however Marilyn was never seen again.

In 1974, a bone fragment was discovered near McGregor Creek at Mount Martin and after several advancements in DNA technology in 2001, the Central Coroner concluded the fragment did belong to the schoolgirl.

The increased reward will remain in place for 12 months and will only apply to information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for the murder of Marilyn.