530 low-light security cameras watching over Gold Coast streets

MORE than 200 security cameras used during the Commonwealth Games have been gifted to the Gold Coast, essentially doubling the number of CCTV cameras across the city.

The number of security cameras on the Gold Coast increased to around 530 during the Games in April.

Mayor Tom Tate today confirmed the extra 234 low-light security cameras used during the sporting event will stay on the Coast and be integrated into the city’s CCTV network.


Cr Tate said the new devices complemented the city’s existing network and provided the latest in high definition, high performance lenses and the ability to operate in the dark.

Many of the cameras will stay where they are, while some will be re-positioned to cover priority areas following talks with police and Mayoral Safer Suburbs Forum members.

“This is legacy in action and I thank the State Government,’’ said Mayor Tom Tate.

“Our network has grown from 16 cameras in Surfers Paradise in 1999 to one which is now the envy of most Australian cities.

“When I was elected in 2012 there were about 110 cameras. With today’s announcement, we bring the total to 534 cameras and the supporting monitoring room and equipment with CCTV staff.”

The cameras can be viewed and controlled in either the main Control Room, the new Joint Emergency Services Coordination Centre, Local Disaster Coordination Centre or the Traffic Coordination Centre.

Mayor Tate said the City-funded fibre optic network also enhanced the capacity of the network to take on more cameras now and into the future.

Minister for the Commonwealth Games, Kate Jones, said the additional CCTV cameras would help locals and visitors stay safe well beyond the Games.

“The additional CCTV cameras had been used alongside Gold Coast City’s existing safety infrastructure during the Games,” Ms Jones said.

“The additional cameras were necessary to provide perimeter security at both competition and non-competition venues.

“The State Government has now gifted 234 extra cameras to extend the City’s extensive security network.”