5G rolled out across more Gold Coast suburbs

TELSTRA has revealed that more than 20 Gold Coast suburbs are now receiving more than 50 per cent 5G coverage.

The telco has confirmed its picked up the pace installing the controversial technology, with more than 600 suburbs across the country now more than half covered – some
even have full coverage.

Regional General Manager May Boisen said it was another big step in Telstra’s continued roll out.


“One of our main focuses this year is continuing to expand our 5G coverage so we can bring it to more areas across the Gold Coast and Queensland,” Ms Boisen said.

“We’re also seeing a more choice in handsets and devices made available to our customers, and more and more applications making use of the advantages that 5G has to offer.

“5G is delivering faster download speeds, lower latency and greater network capacity to our users which is especially important in busy areas on the Gold Coast and its surrounds.

“It’s not just 5G users experiencing the benefits of this roll out – by upgrading our sites to 5G we’re also bringing network benefits to other users including greater capacity for 4G customers.”


Biggera Waters
Broadbeach Waters
Burleigh Heads
Burleigh Waters
Main Beach
Mermaid Waters
Runaway Bay
South Stradbroke
Surfers Paradise
Varsity Lakes

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Too bad they haven’t rolled out 5G to Merrimac yet. I’m still waiting on the NBN rollout, the NBN was rolled out to the rest of the street but they skipped my house. It’s not fun working from home using ADSL over Telstra’s decaying phone lines.

Hi Alfie,
I have NBN and ADSL in the past. The roll over to NBN did not make any difference to my service and Telstra has always excuses that is within their service. So, we feel the new technology will make a difference but reality is another thing. My unit in Cairns had NBN coming to the box near the unit but from that box the old copper wire were used to bring NBN to my unit. The question was if the old copper wires are still good for NBN why we are paying for the NBN and change over to it?

5g kills and gives you the coronavirus. So sit back and watch your family get sick when they turn it on .THE SECOND CORONAVIRUS WAVE WILL HIT .How do they no that there’s going to be a second wave, because 5g is China coronavirus origin and want to control us comes from wuhan China, no coronavirus yet .

You are a moron

You twit

My god. Statements such as yours are beyond belief. If you were to read the technical information available on the product rather than Facebook you may be able to save yourself some embarrassment.

lol idiot big time


5g kills people

Does it? Nothing I’ve read in various sources suggests it does. Where is your evidence from?

Do you know that it doesn’t affect your family health. Research. It’s for tracking your every move ,it sends out high radiation, and why do they have so many towers all around the country. And a 5g tower worker was told not to open a this panel that he was told to contect to the 5g tower ,why because in this panel it said covid19 check it out

Google 4g radiation frequencies then the same with 5g, you might see that it will soon enough

This is actually rubbish: 5G is up to 60GHz – the same frequency range as the US Army Active Denial Weapon. It also needed for the Chinese style “Social Crediting System” which is a total surveillance system, just like predicted in Orwel’s 1984.

I’m glad electrical engineers don’t get their qualifications from Google. Sure, you can look at their data but why would you when people with certificates in homeopathy know so much better?
Here’s an idea. Don’t like 5G? Don’t put a 5G aerial to your head.

That is not the answer to unplugging from 5G, if you know anything about 5G you would know it transmits at ultra high frequencies, so to receive and use 5G it has to have an aerial outside every home in your street to work transmitting 5G through your house 24/7 because it uses millimetre waves pulsing that only have a maximum range of 150 metres to carry the data, thats like having a mobile phone attached to your head on a 24/7 call, why would you want that outside your home?? Very dangerous, and has been zero independant testing done to verify the safety of 5G. The high frequency bandwidth is need to carry not just 5G frequency’s but many other frequency’s 2G, 3G, 4G, so all these will also bombard you home 24/7.

I’m in Robina. Can’t even get enough internet to watch You-tube or Netflix. I really feel like we are living in a third world country when it comes to the internet. When we are in Europe our speed is 10 or more times the speed. Really sad!!!

5g towers will kill .We should be aloud to investigate these towers , coronavirus has everything to do with the 5g towers , check out what’s inside these towers ,you will be surprised what’s inside these panels, a coronavirus sign connected to these towers and once they turn it on ,that’s when the second wave of the virus will hit ,these towers are contected to make you sick headaches sleeplessness, tired, shortness of breath and then they are going to say it’s the coronavirus. No it’s not

No it doesn’t cause Corona, this is a silly statement, what it does do is damage your DNA and lower your immune system so you are more at risk of catching viruses.

Gee Madison if you had not voted for Tony Abbot you would have had a world class NBN with FTTP. no need for 5G then


Hello f#@king Telstra – hated U guys with a passion ,coverage was up the s#@t but this nbn 5g ?spot on download is 6-7X faster than normal n no drop outs

the amount of idiots stating the 5g causes corona blows my mind. please go back to school. Can we get a vaccine for stupid? Stop reading fake news on Facebook and actually study the technology to get an understanding of how it works.

No it doesn’t cause Corona, this is a silly statement, what it does do is damage your DNA and lower your immune system so you are more at risk of catching viruses.

What a joke. This is murder in the first degree and will be up there with smoking when the truth is revealed. Profit before people once again.
5G is microwave technology developed by the military as a weapon. There’s more to this than meets the eye. #Wake-up people.

I live in varsity Lakes and have had 0 coverage since I got the new Samsung.

Countries like Switzerland have halted 5G roll out pending safety studies and examination. They have democracies or at least closer to it. Australia is little America. Live in Robina and currently assessing how we can protect ourselves at least while at home.