5yo girl allegedly bitten by dog inside Bunnings store

A young girl has allegedly been bitten by a dog inside a Bunnings store, just days after the hardware giant announced that owners could now bring their pets inside.

Victorian mother Ebbie Hungerford says her daughter Madeline was bitten by a Jack Russell inside the Melton Bunnings store on Sunday.

“It’s broken the skin just below her knee, she’s got two bite marks and bruises and swelling,” Hungerford said.


The owner of the dog was reportedly very distraught and said the dog had never been violent before.

The incident comes just five days after Bunnings announced dogs were now allowed in store as long as they were “under appropriate control and are not aggressive.”


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Well I could see that coming, can’t think of anything more ridiculous is to take a dog shopping, fed up with spring fairs and the mutts brought along there too

Most pet owners like the company of their pets. Funny how that works isn’t it. As long as the “mutt”, as you so eloquently showed your bigotry, is well trained, there is absolutely no reason why not. Also bare in mind that dogs do not just attack people. There’s always another side.

I agree with De, I have always had dogs, currently have 2, but NEVER take them shopping as I don’t agree with that. I cant see why you need to take them to the shops, events such as Carols by Candlelight, Market days. Nothing worse that looking at displays then step in some doggy doo because of some inconsiderate owner

The dog might of bitten the young girl. But What was the young girl doing to the dog for it to bite? It will be a shame if Bunnings has a no pet policy again. Sometimes when I walk my dog around a lake, Bunnings is just 2 minutes away. I would love to be able to take my dog in when I know I need something especially now that it’s summer time. I must say, my dogs are very well behaved, socialised with other animals and people. Know your animal before you take them into a family environment .

My son simply approached a friendly looking dog on a leash once (after patting it’s companion) and got nipped. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than a little bit of surprise to trigger a reaction.

It is extremely sad and distressing for the child, however the report doesn’t say if the child did anything to provoke the dog, it is very unusual for a good natured dog to bite without prevarication

I would like to know why on earth Bunnings allowed dogs in to the store in the first place, have they no idea about health and safety ?? please don’t think for one minute I am a dog hater, but there is a place for dogs and that is not in a busy store like Bunnings.
There is the possibility that a dog would mark it’s territory, and leave a puddle there for someone to slip in, also maybe it could be caught short and leave a little bundle for someone to walk in, although children can be gentle with animals, there is always that sweet little child that is not taught to be gentle with an animal, and that’s when the problems start.
There is also the chance of a dog getting hurt with a trolley, those trolleys can be pretty awkward to steer sometimes.
I hope that Bunnings drop the idea of allowing dogs in the store now, I thought it was a stupid idea in the first place. poor dogs, they would be frightened out of their lives.

Are dogs (and their selfish owners) taking over the world?? I love Bunnings but NOT if there are going to be dogs there. I am afraid of dogs having been bitten in childhood. Now it seems dogs are allowed on beaches, shops, outdoor restaurants even sitting on seats meant for customers. Leave your beast at home and leave everyone else to shop and feel safe when out. I do not have a problem with assistance dogs as they are well trained and always on a leash.

Your fear is irrational. Get over it.

Dogs do not belong in shops. I hope they sue Bunnings and the owner. I knew this would happen the moment they said dogs allowed. Bunnings duty of cared has failed in providing a safe shopping area.

Maybe get owners to muzzle dogs instead of stopping owners from taking dogs in stores

Well THAT was unexpected…

What the hell did Bunnings think was going to happen?? I’d be taking them to court for making a dangerous workplace and shopping experience. Dogs can’t buy Hardware so why are they there.??

has anyone asked the dog for his side of the story?

Exactly! Why would a usually placid dog suddenly bite a child?. Many places in the U.K and Europe allow dogs in cafes, shops, restaurants, public transport ect without problems. Maybe people should control their children!

Not bumnings fault , was child annoying the dog this should dealt with between owner and parent ,mother ran straight to media what a joke

So what did this child do to upset a little dog?

OK…so do the same requirements apply to children? Remember, the dog was in a strange environment and the little girl may have gone to stroke it or pat it, giving the dog a big scare. If the dog is a “snapper” then it should be left at home.

I have 3 dogs. 2 of them great natured with both animals and children but i can’t think of any reason it’d be a necessity to take them into a store! Who plans on mopping up and dog pee or replacing items “marked” by dogs? Common sense tells us if one dog marks its territory every other dog that goes past that spot will do the same

I think the idea was more to let tradies (and others) bring their dogs in out of the heat than to have people take their dogs there as a destination in itself. This is good and laudable and I don’t want to see it stopped. That said this is one of many problems I had with the announcement. I have two inside dogs who are my whole world but car rides are pretty much off the menu until April 2016 now except in the evening.

I wouldn’t want to shop with mangy flee infested dogs roaming around…. What special person came up with that policy? Litigation waiting to happen!

what did the kid do?? No mention of that. We travel with our dog and she is always on a lead and the number of parents that let their kids run up to her is ridiculous, lucky she is a placid dog!!

I’m allergic to dogs and don’t want to avoid shops because they allow dogs in! It’s a daft idea and should be scrapped.

Bunnings has been allowing dogs in their store for some time, in a store by store basis. The only thing new is that the policy was implemented chain wide. There has not been a reported incident prior.

Dogs are allowed in shops all over Europe and UK – would like to know the full situation – saw dogs in Bunnings on Sat – no problems at all

Need to walk your dog, take it to a dog park!
Need timber, paint, plants go to Bunnings !
Why on earth would someone with fear of dogs, wary of new or strange dogs be forced to back out of aisles?
Now be forced to look out for dog droppings and pee by irresponsible owners?
I’m sure if we did a study it would prove that people won’t be bitten when going shopping if owners left their dogs at home
Responsible dog owners have control of their dog at all times and walk them at dog parks and elsewhere on a leash

Responsible dog owners know that kids are attracted to dogs

My dog is not violent until it is. Always the same

Please don’t insult my dog or me for taking my dog to bunnings. Why did we go? I was in the car and dropped in. My dog has public liability insurance to $15 million dollars, has monthly fecal tests for anything that is a danger to people, is wormed, flea free, accredited therapy dog and I have faith in my training. I am aware at all times where my dog is, where children are and potential dangers. Nobody complained that he was at a major shopping centre raising money for charity last weekend. Please do not judge all dogs and their owners the same. I would be more fearful of a child running toward me with the little trolley than being fearful of my dog.

Why do Bunnings allow children into their stores? At least my dog is under control and predictable.

It’s crazy bring dogs into bunnings yes if they are guide dogs or special need dogs yes it was only a matter of time that someone would get bitten so who pays bunnings or the owner and what if it bit her on the face and scared her who gets sued also they sell food in this places as well and who picks up there mess you can’t make your team members do that they deal with enough crap now dirty nappys half eaten sausages left on shelfs coffee cups and drinks half empty this is crazy bunnings you are a hardware not a pet shop get serious

I am sorry this seems like a set up. I am allergic to kids but I have to be where they are same thing. People really pee me off when it comes to animals they don’t like this and they don’t like that. Well not every one wants to go bunnings and have your child hit them with those little trolley’s and listen to your screaming child. Oh and I have children.

20$ the kid did something stupid because thats all kids do, how bout a leave your filthy children at home policy?