60 Minutes crew slapped with minor charge over botched kidnapping

The 60 Minutes team involved in a botched kidnapping operation in Lebanon, including reporter Tara Brown, will be charged.

They’ll be accused of knowing about the crime and failing to report it, an offence punished by a fine.

The Brisbane mother who tried to snatch back her two children from their father in Lebanon has been charged with kidnapping.


Sally Faulkner’s Lawyer hopes to have the charge dropped on appeal.

Adam Whittington, the man hired to retrieve her kids in April, and two of his colleagues have also been charged.

The charges stem from a recommendation by a judge in Lebanon.

The Nine Network carried out an internal review which found the story’s producer should leave.  Brown and the rest of the crew were issued warnings.

Nine bailed out the 60 Minutes team and Ms Faulkner but Mr Whittington and his team remained behind bars, angering his family.

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