60 Minutes producer sacked over botched child abduction in Beirut

The 60 Minutes producer behind the program’s botch child abduction scandal in Lebanon has been sacked.

Channel Nine released the findings of its formal review into the events that unfolded in Lebanon in a statement on Friday, admitting “inexcusable errors” were made which had led to “the gravest misadventure in the program’s history”.

The producer of the story, Stephen Rice, has been sacked and the remaining crew, including reporter Tara Brown, have all received formal warnings for their involvement.


“Stephen Rice, the producer of the Sally Faulkner story, will be leaving the company effective immediately,” the statement from Nine said.

“Other staff involved in the planning and execution of this story have received formal warnings.

“The crew continue to receive counselling related to the events in Lebanon and the other team members will return to work soon.”