60 Minutes says sorry over kidnapping story

60 Minutes has finally apologised over the kidnapping saga.

In April reporter Tara Brown and her crew, Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner and Child Recovery Agent Adam Whittington and his team were all arrested in Lebanon.

They were attempting to retrieve two children from their biological father Ali Elamine.


The team from 60 Minutes, as well as Ms Faulkner, were all bailed out of a Beirut prison by Channel Nine.  Mr Whittington and his crew remain behind bars.

60 Minutes’ Executive Producer Gerald Stone has labelled this the biggest crisis in the show’s 37-year history.  He also admitted too many risks were taken.

On Sunday night he spoke to Michael Usher explaining that “there were ways to do it that could have reduced those risks, but to try and cover a parental kidnapping in one of the most heavily-guarded capitals of the world was a bridge too far”.

“I just thought, and it’s amazing to me, that a program that bases itself on asking the right questions, didn’t think to ask those questions itself.”

60 Minutes senior producer Stephen Rice was sacked after he was mostly held responsible for the story.

Stone said that as a producer and supervisor, the responsibility ultimately rested with him.

The other three invoved were censured and received formal warnings.


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So what are you going to do to help Adam, Craig & the 2 Lebonan men that you left behind to take the fall for 60 minutes & Sally Faulkner and to rot in jail for you all?
“Sorry” is just an empty word if it’s not backed up by action.

If CH9 focused on their ratings instead of telling lies
They could help in the release of ADAM WHITTINGTON AND HIS CREW which should of been done with the others.what they now have created is their ratings have dropped Hugh amount and that will not recover as the public and other tv channels think you are so low to leave some workers on the report behind to rot in a cell.even the taxi driver that drove you the crew around So really CH 9 you do not care about any humans at all.
Who is ever going to believe your stories or even watch 60 mins and CH 9 ever again ?