7 schoolies arrested in Surfers Paradise

Seven schoolies were arrested in Surfers Paradise overnight, a sharp increase from the evening before.

The group were charged with eight offences, mostly for public nuisance and street related offences. Of the seven arrested, there were six males and one female.

Forty-two school leavers were also slapped with liquor infringement notices for drinking in a public place.


Meanwhile, four toolies were arrested in the precinct, mainly for drug and traffic offences and two liquor infringement notices were issued to non-schoolies for drinking in a public place.

Despite the arrests, police say they are pleased with the overall crowd behavior across the precinct.

Paramedics confirmed they treated 83 people overnight, with five having to be transported to hospital. QAS Special Events Coordinator, Justin Payne, said it was a relatively quiet night and the schoolies were well behaved.

Over 1000 Red Frog volunteers have been kept busy cooking up a pancakes, walking girls home late at night and handing out thousands of red frogs.

Red Frog volunteer Roshni Vastrad tell myGC they are on hand to help keep the teens safe and be a pillar of support in all of the chaos.

“We want everyone to be alert not alarmed” she told myGC. “We aren’t here to arrest them… We are here to help out and be a friend to schoolies – you can call us their unofficial party crashers.”

Watch the video below to find out what else the Red Frogs get up to during schoolies:

If you’re attending Schoolies this year – or have kids who are – remember the crucial message: ‘Watch your mates’.