7 suspected of links with Paris attacks arrested in Brussels

Belgian police have reportedly arrested seven people suspected of being linked to Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris which killed 132 people.

Authorities conducted a raid on an immigrant quarter of Brussels, which has become notorious for being an Islamist hotspot.

The arrests were carried out in the Molenbeek area of the Belgian capital after it was discovered that two of the cars suspected of being used by attackers in Paris were registered in the country.


According to Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel, at least one of the detained was in Paris at the time of the terror attacks.

According to some reports, the two gunmen involved in the terror assaults in Paris were French citizens living in Belgium.

Michel has also urged the government to do more to stop radicalization of the country.

“I do not want any preachers of hatred on Belgian soil! There is no place for them in Belgium,” Michel wrote on Twitter.

“Belgium has a central position at the heart of Europe, a small country whose local scale favors the movement of people with hostile intent,” Michel said, adding that his center-right coalition is addressing the issue.

Earlier, witnesses of the Paris massacre reported that two cars linked to the attacks, one near the Bataclan music hall and another near the restaurants Le Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon, had Belgian license plates.

One of these cars hired in Belgium by a French citizen was stopped on the Belgian border early on Saturday morning, a French prosecutor said.