71 birds seized as police bust illegal cockfighting ring

Police have busted an illegal cockfighting ring in New South Wales, with over 70 fighting cockerels seized.

35 men were arrested for questioning, when squads burst in on the operation at a property at Camden Valley Way at Catherine Field yesterday morning.

It followed reports of animal cruelty offences in Sydney’s south west made early this year, which prompted the joint investigation between the State Crime Command’s Organised Crime Squad, NSW Crime Commission and RSPCA NSW.


Police say that a search of the property uncovered a designated cockfighting area and several large sheds used to house 71 fighting cockerels, as well as metal spikes, spurs and other cockfighting paraphernalia.

35 people were detained at the property and were spoken to be police, with charges relating to animal cruelty offences and proceeds of crime expected to be laid.

Investigations are continuing.

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Hopefully they will ALL get a severe sentence for animal cruelty. As usual the police and RSPCA do their jobs and arrest these creatures but they will go to court and be let off with a slap on the wrist. We need Judges who are staunch animal lovers to preside over all cruelty matter, only then will justice be served.

Should all be deported back to where they came from!