Don’t suffer alone – open up about pain

We are being encouraged to open up to someone if pain is getting us down, during a National Awareness Week.

A survey by Chronic Pain Australia has found that close to 70 per cent of people quizzed suffer from terrible back pain.

76 per cent of respondents take medication.


Clinical Nurse Consultant Fiona Hodson says nerve pain which can include shingles and sciatica.

Close to 40 per cent said they suffered from terrible headaches and migraines.

Ms Hodson said as we get older our bodies do tend to fail a bit “people have osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions which can actually cause them pain and so forth so there is various things aside from medication that can help us”.

She added “a lot of people are a bit fearful in the healthcare or medical industry to actually give elderly people some medication because they have a lot of other medical conditions and they’re worried about side effects”.

When it comes to chronic pain, Ms Hodson said they tend to use multi-disciplinary management, “which means we use various strategies such as medication can be one, we can also look at other function issues like especially with the elderly we can look at strengthening them with their activities or physiotherapy”.

Ms Hodson also said some of us can also distract ourselves from thinking about chronic pain “where you just put your music on or you know you have someone else there that’s in the room with them that social connection and that sort of diversion therapy”.

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