Will your job soon be extinct?

EXPERTS met to consider the changing face of the workplace in Brisbane on Friday morning.

Griffith University took part in the breakfast talkfest at Brisbane City Council, which addressed the future of the workforce and its wellbeing.

Professor Peter Jordan says employees need to be able to adapt.  He said they discussed “staff morale, dealing with stress as a result of change”.


“There’s been quite a bit of change going on over the last decade or so, so there’s been change to the types of jobs that are available, when we’re working has changed, we’re also changing how we work so technology is coming into it a bit more” Professor Jordan said.

Worryingly he added that people around the world are “being trained for jobs that either will not exist in the future or will be working in areas they haven’t been trained for”.

Professor Jordan recently had a look at the top ten new jobs that are being created around the world and there’s things like “IPhone Applications Development, now that job didn’t even exist ten years ago but it’s one of the largest growing jobs out”.

As well Data Mining is another relatively new position that looks at how we are handing across large amounts of information when we use our mobile phones and credit cards.

He said it is a very well paying position that brings together mathematics and marketing to look at how we can make sense of that information and how it can be used by industries to either sell their goods or to meet customers needs.

Finally Professor Jordan said it will be vital to bring together skills sets that are going to be useful into the future “so given how things have changed over the last ten years I don’t think we can sit here today and say this is going to be the direction of the future but there’s certain things we can say is there’s going to be certain skills sets that are valued over others”.

He said modern employees really need to be flexible.