“There may have been other things smuggled”: Depp

JOHNNY Depp continues to poke fun at Australia and the ‘dog smuggling drama’, threatening to harm one of our politicians if his wife is thrown in jail.

Just days after Amber Heard failed to face Southport Court on charges of illegal importation, the Hollywood actor has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, joking about the ordeal and suggesting he may have smuggled drugs into the country.

The star couple found themselves in hot water earlier this year, when it was discovered their two tiny pooches had not gone through the proper quarantine measures, while Depp filmed Pirates of the Carribean on the Gold Coast.


“We were under the impression that we had done all the paper work for the dogs,” Depp told Kimmel. “We were there (on the Gold Coast) with the dogs in front of everybody.”

He then went on to make light of the fact he may (or may not) have also brought drugs into the country.

“There might have been other things smuggled… They seemed to miss that bit,” Depp laughed.

Kimmel played clips from the now famous press conference held by Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, while expressing his disbelief at the serious nature of the accusations.

“Maybe he’s (Joyce) just doing his job,” Depp explains. “You know, deciding that two 5-6 inch tea cup Yorkshire terriers would harm the country in some way.”

“He’s got a point. Especially when you consider Australia has the most poisonous creatures on the planet there.”

When asked if Heard could possibly go to jail, Depp had this to say: “If they did that, I’d just fly to Australia and assault that man (Joyce) so that I could go to jail too.”