81-year-old Richard moves out of hospital after six months of suffering coronavirus

Queensland’s longest coronavirus sufferer has finally moved out of hospital, after a long six month recovery.

Richard Misior was hospitalised back in March with COVID-19, after coming off the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

Over the last few months, he also spend 77 days in intensive care.


This morning, the state’s Health Minister Steven Miles was delighted to announce that Richard was being moved out of hospital and into a rehab facility.

“It is just fantastic news,” Minister Miles said.

“You will recall Richard spent 77 days in intensive care.

“But he is on the mend. That is exactly what we want to see.”

Richard says it’s been a long road to recovery, made harder by the fact that his wife – who’d also contracted the virus – only took a week to recover.

was literally paralysed. Long coma. Induced coma. My muscles – they went away to nothing.

“So I had to work very hard to start recovering. And my vision changed a bit.

“My voice literally disappeared. My hearing got worse. My taste was ruined as well. So it took a long time to recover. But after the first two months or so, things got better.

“And from there on, just gradually improving all the time,” he said from his bed at a rehabilitation facility in Carrara.

It’s certainly real. Admittedly, many people have very light infection and recover quickly. My wife did, actually. And she recovered within a week.

“It was wonderful. But some people like me, for example, get hit very hard. And then you have a big problem,” Richard said.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has also sent her best wishes for his recovery.

“81-year-old Richard has been in the Gold Coast Uni Hospital since March, including a 77-day stint in the ICU, after contracting COVID-19 on the Ruby Princess,” her Twitter post reads.

“Today he moved out of the COVID ward to begin rehabilitation. Best of luck in your recovery Richard.”

Queensland Health reports there is still one active case of the virus on the Gold Coast.