King tides under the microscope

SINCE 2012, coastal residents from across Australia have been quietly snapping and sharing the impact of king tides in their communities.

Many beachfront homeowners on the Gold Coast have been impacted by higher than normal tides, with large sections of some backyards simply washing away.

Green Cross Australia has joined some ‘Tide Trackers’ to celebrate the submission of the 5,000th photo to the Witness King Tides photography database.  (West Beach pictured courtesy of Fernando M Goncalves.)


Witness King Tides asks communities to photograph the amazing effects of the higher water level created by king tides, the highest tides of the year. These incredible images, which are shared online at, capture landmarks, buildings or community icons as they are inundated – just briefly – by the tides.

Green Cross Australia CEO Mara Bún said sharing these photos raises awareness of sea level rise, and builds a picture of what Australia’s coastal communities may look like in the future, as global sea levels continue to grow.

“Witness King Tides will help us to identify and understand the impact of rising sea levels on our beaches, coastal areas and shoreline communities,” Ms Bún said.

“Collecting 5,000 photos is quite an amazing milestone for Witness King Tides. I think what it reinforces is just how much we Australians’ love our coasts and how concerned we are about their future.”

Witness King Tides’ collection features photos from hundreds of individuals all across Australia’s coast – from the Torres Strait all the way down to Hobart, then across South Australia and back to Perth and Darwin.

“This database of images builds a picture of the threat posed by sea level rise across Australia and will help track the future impact of climate change,” Bún said.

“By sharing these images, we can picture what our coastal communities will look like in the future as sea levels rise and importantly, we can prepare and adapt for these changes.”

This April, Witness King Tides is focused on South Australia where high tides hit Adelaide 2 April 2014.

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