8yo cancer patient launches petition to get Bald Barbie for Christmas

An eight-year old cancer patient is pleading for a Bald Barbie for Christmas.

Jordyn Miller is behind a change.org petition asking for toy manufacturer Mattel to bring the ‘‘Ella’ chemotherapy Barbie to Australia.

On the petition, Jordyn says she was bullied at school when she lost her hair during chemotherapy.


“The kids at school called me ugly, that I looked ‘like a boy in a dress’. But it’s not my fault I got cancer at 5. All I wanted was to feel pretty but I had no hair,” the petition reads.

“All my girlie toys and favourite movie characters had long hair, but I had none. Mum said kids in cancer wards in America were given bald Barbies to play with which made them happy. I want the same to happen in Australia. I think it would help a lot of sick and sad kids.”

She then pleads: “Please help me get my Christmas wish.”

Mattel’s chemotherapy Barbie is a free doll the company donates to hospitals to help younger children come to terms with the side effects of their chemotherapy.

Find out more about Jordyn’s petition and sign here.