9-out-of-10 young drivers use phone while driving

Alarming new statistics have shown that nine-out-of-ten (88%) of young Queensland drivers admit to using their phones while driving – prompting the State Government to create a new advertising campaign with the tagline ‘Phone down, chin up‘.

Queensland’s Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Mark Bailey said the campaign was designed by a group of young people from around the state and was “designed to connect with young people, sending a clear message that when you’re focused on your phone your head is somewhere else.”

“It’s a serious concern that 88 per cent of young drivers admit to using their phones while driving and that they’re among the most vulnerable accounting for almost a quarter of serious casualties.


“The Chin Up campaign targets this behaviour, taking a whimsical, comical look at different distractions behind the wheel, akin to being distracted by the content on your mobile phone.”