9 top reasons I hate to be a Gold Coaster on the holidays

WE are a pretty generous bunch, us Gold Coasters. We live in the best part of the world and we share it graciously with up to 12 million visitors every year.

There is a limit to our tolerance though and during the holidays, we pay the price for being Gold Coasters. Here is my countdown of my top nine:

9.    Traffic – We are making in-roads to our traffic congestion problems but during the holidays be sure to add 15 minutes to any trip. And is it just me or does the council schedule road works for the holidays on purpose?


8.    Dangerous drivers – That Thrifty sticker on the back of your car or your Victorian number plate isn’t exactly helping you blend in or get me to where I need to go on time.

7.    Sardines at the beach – You can’t get a car park within a two mile radius let alone find two inches of sand to claim as your own.

6.    We become defensive about the weather – It is okay for us to complain about the weather but when an outsider has a dig, we take it personally.

5.    Crowds – You have a quick errand to run at Robina Town Centre but you’re stuck behind an impenetrable wall of people meandering slowly along in a seemingly unified front. Might as well steer clear until school goes back.

4.    We become predictable – When it comes to escaping the tourists at home, we all seem to have the same idea: we head the least possible distance away from home to enjoy the GC the way it used to be – Fingal or Byron Bay are some of our faves.

3.    People who dress to ‘fit in’ – Just like the people who go hippy for a weekend trip to Byron, tourists seem to go bronze, blonde and scantily clad for the Gold Coast. That isn’t us!

2.    Freeloaders – Living on the Gold Coast is apparently a ticket to popularity. Suddenly all your favourite high school friends and second cousins can’t wait to catch up. Of course, we all know what it really means.

And the top reason it sux to be a Gold Coaster during the holidays:

1.    Being mistaken for a tourist – Don’t you love it when you walk into your favourite store and the salesperson makes small talk and asks where you’re from. “Um, here, why? Do I look like a tourist?”

What irks you about being a Gold Coaster during the holidays? Add to our list in the comments.

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