9/11 victims remembered in New York City

THE names of those killed in the September 11 terror attacks have been read out, during a moving memorial service at Ground Zero in New York City.

Today marks this 13th anniversary of the attacks, with President Barack Obama vowing the nations would never ‘give in to fear’.

It comes just hours after Obama’s pledge to “destroy” Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria.


“As Americans, we draw strength from you, for your love is the ultimate rebuke to the hatred of those who attacked us that bright, blue morning,” Obama said to relatives of victims at the Pentagon, scene of one of the 9/11 strikes.

“You’ve kept alive a love that no act of terror can ever extinguish,” he said.

“We carry on because as Americans, we do not give in to fear. Ever.”

In New York, relatives of those killed gathered at Ground Zero to remember the dead.

The ceremony began, as usual, with a moment of silence at 8.46am local time, when the first plane smashed into the Twin Towers.