99 things to do before your child turns 3

From playing in the park to smelling a flower, exploring your own backyard and going fishing, the list of things to do with small kids can seem endless.

But, are you doing the right things?

Queensland has today launched the Grow with Nature Play App to encourage new parents get outside with their babies and toddlers.


It showcases a list of 99 things for babies to do before they turn three – separated into 33 things to do each year.

“We want newborn Queenslanders to grow up the happiest and healthiest in Australia,” Employment Minister Grace Grace said during the launch on Wednesday.

“It’s specifically designed to encourage parents outside to make use of the Queensland lifestyle and spaces that are the envy of our nation.

“There are also options to share children’s development with family and friends, as well as messaging functions where other parents using the app can share their experiences.

“The benefits of outdoor activity are substantial – namely for children’s health, brain development, self-confidence and social skills.”

The Grow with Nature Play App can be downloaded on both Android and Apple platforms. Visit the website for more details.