A blood sniffing dog’s been hired in NSW

AUSTRALIA’S first ever accredited police dog trained to sniff out traces of blood, has secured a job in New South Wales.

State Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Stuart Ayres, announced the new appointment on Thursday.

Leading Senior Constable David Cole and Police Dog Sylvia, were really put through their paces to make sure the two-year-old black Labrador could pick up the presence of human blood in various environments.


blood sniff 1

The dog team is able to locate blood which is not visible within a crime scene and track people from a location through blood trailing.

In addition, the dog team can detect the presence of both oxygenated and cadaver blood within buildings, vehicles and various outdoor environments, including areas exposed to the weather elements.

blood sniff 2

Commissioner Scipione said the investigative value of this new dog team is immeasurable.

“The introduction of the Blood Detection Dog Team expands on the extraordinary capabilities of the NSW Police Dog Unit,” Commissioner Scipione said.

“With the ability to potentially track people through blood trailing, the dog team will be able to provide swift assistance to help locate missing people or victims of crime who are injured.

“On the flip side, the same tracking skill can be used to help quickly locate offenders who could pose a risk to the community.

“In addition, the dog team can provide invaluable assistance to investigators and forensic police to locate important evidence at crime scenes, which may have previously been undetectable.”

The Blood Detection Dog Team is continuing to enhance its skills to provide the highest level of service to operational police.

“The Dog Unit is always striving to evolve their capability to the growing and changing needs of police and the community,” the Commissioner said.

“It is with great pleasure I officially announce the blood-detection capability for NSW Police Force,” the Commissioner said.

Mr Ayres echoed Commissioner Scipione, proudly welcoming the Blood Detection Dog Team.

“This is revolutionary policing and NSW is, yet again, leading the way,” Mr Ayres said.

“This is another example of the NSW Government providing police with the resources they need to continue doing exemplary work.”

The Blood Detection Dog Team is based in the Sydney Metropolitan area, but can be deployed to assist anywhere in NSW.

For more information about the NSW Police Dog Unit and the work they do, visit: www.facebook.com/NSWPFDogUnit.