A calling, I need you my heart’s on fire!

CAN you feel it?

That smell of deep heat mixed with sweat, mud and blood is almost upon us once again and I for one have not been this excited to be a Gold Coast footy fan in years.

Now it might be a sporting clique, but the recent drugs scandal that has supposedly ‘rocked’ the Titans was absolutely the ‘loss they needed to have’.


The NRL now has a vested interest in the club’s success. That means not only financial support but decision-making assistance.

This second area in particular has hamstrung the club throughout its short history.

So sure, the blue and golds will be taking the field in Round One against the Tigers with a few players missing, some of them stars.

But the team named has the ability to win, and I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to seeing what this team is made of under such circumstances.

So to am I eager to see what effect Coach Neil Henry has had on the side – his all-round coaching resume is less than flattering so he will be under just as much pressure at his new club.

We are still a few weeks away yet from seeing the Gold Coast Suns in action for 2015 but if their recent NAB Challenge victory over Geelong in Townsville is any indication, fans are in for a wild, long ride this season.

The Cats side was not as young as the Suns 29 scoring shots would suggest, and that is with the Suns playing sans Ablett, Martin, Prestia, Day, May, Thompson and Dixon.

That is almost all their A grade key position players and a hell of a lot of midfield talent.

And yet they won, relatively easily, against a Cats side brimming with young talent as well as the likes of Bartel, Hawkins, Taylor, Kelly, Enright and Clark.

Had the Titans been a smarter club and retained star halfback Albert Kelly it may have been very likely to see both Gold Coast teams playing finals footy in 2015.

Alas, without the live-wire half, the Titans will be playing for pride in 2015 but fans can still be buoyed by the potential of new rake Kieran Moseley, the eventual (and hopefully permanent) move of David Mead to fullback  and the pending arrival of Daly Cherry-Evans (almost a sure thing) in 2016.

A Moseley, DCE, Sezer and Mead spine in 2016 can compete with any side. The Titans need to see this season as the gift it is, with no expectation at all and plenty of time to plan.

It really is a great time of year – so much expectation, excitement and hope.

Damn, now I have to go and YouTube some 90’s Tina Turner ARL clips!

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