A case of curious timing

IN case you missed it, a small proposed development on the Gold Coast made the news yesterday.

Did I say small? I meant huge – $7.5 billion worth of huge.

I’m talking about the proposed multi-billion dollar cruise ship terminal.


The one that, according to Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, will not be built at Doug Jennings park on The Spit.

No way, no how.

He was carrying on in quite a loud fashion about the fact that he was “listening to the community” and “acting on their best interests” in announcing that The Spit is off limits to developers.

His announcement naturally led to all sorts of clever, punny headlines about the cruise ship terminal project being “dead in the water” (geddit?).

Except that, well – it’s not.

According to our local Mayor, Tom Tate, the GCCC went on record back in May to say that it didn’t support development within Doug Jennings Park and the Southern Peninsular.

“Council’s position has been clear – we don’t support development at Doug Jennings Park and we have provided that in writing to the State,” he said in a media statement.

“We are pleased that the State has supported Council’s position,” he added of Seeney’s announcement, “as this is clearly what the community wants.”

The group behind the project, ASF, relocated the proposed positioning of the cruise ship terminal from The Spit to Wavebreak Island back in April, according to media reports.

They were planning on developing The Spit and surrounds as well, plans that will obviously need to be tweaked in light of Seeney’s announcement.

But it’s not as if the State’s decision means the entire proposed cruise ship project is, ahem, dead in the water.

Which leads me to the timing of his announcement. It’s a little… curious.

Call me cynical, but I find it interesting that Seeney’s big song and dance about hearing the community and acting in their best interests comes after a recent Galaxy Poll showed that 62% of Queensland voters think Premier Campbell Newman’s government doesn’t listen to community concerns.

And the next state election is slated for the first half of next year? You don’t say….

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