A Current Affair camera crew attacked on the Gold Coast

IT has been described as one of the most shocking attacks witnessed on a television camera crew.

Channel Nine has released footage showing one of their own reporters and camera crew being attacked by an alleged Church Pastor on the Gold Coast.


In the footage, A Current Affair journalist Tim Arvier is seen confronting Stephen Jones who is sitting in his parked car at the time.

Jones has reportedly admitted to perverted behaviour with women and allegedly swindled more than a million dollars in life savings and charitable donations from trusting families.

Channel Nine alleges Jones hurled a coffee table at the heads of the crew, before flying into an abuse-laden rage kicking, punching and bloodily injuring the camera man and physically assaulting Arvier.

When confronted in his car by Arvier, Jones gets out and chases the reporter through a Robina street, kicking him in front of horrified witnesses.

The man then trips over his own feet and stumbles to the ground. Police and ambulance crews are called to the scene with the man ending up in handcuffs.

The story and full footage will air on A Current Affair at 7pm tonight.