“A dog’s breakfast”; Qld Government slams opposition over second M1

The State Government has labelled the opposition a “dog’s breakfast” over its mixed messages regarding a proposed second M1 on the Gold Coast.

It comes after LNP member Mark Boothman revealed that he believes the Coomera Connector should be treated more like a local road and reduced to an 80km/h speed limit.

“It’s a local road. It’s designed to take local traffic from the motorway. It shouldn’t be the equivalent speed of the M1,” he told Newscorp.


However, Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Mander rejected the calls, saying a 100km/h speed limit was absolutely necessary.

“It will be at 100km/h,” Mr Mander said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“Mark Boothman is doing what every good local member should do and that’s represent the concerns of some of his constituents, but there is an overwhelming need for this second M1 and there’s overwhelming support for the second M1.”

Member for Gaven Meaghan Scanlon says the mixed messages within the opposition is an embarrassment.

“The LNP are a dog’s breakfast when it comes to the second M1 at the moment. They stopped this project from progressing when they were last in Government, they then decided they wanted the project but didn’t allocate enough money to actually deliver it, and now they’re trying to slow it down before the shovel has even hit the ground,” Ms Scanlon told myGC.

“I think it’s a bit embarrassing that Tim Mander has had to come down from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to try and clarify the chaotic positions we’re getting from the local LNP members who don’t seem clear about what position they even have on this particular policy project.”

Ms Scanlon said the State Government was committed to delivering funding to get the project underway.

“We’re committing $10 million to do the gazetting work and the planning work, and the Federal Government has also allocated funding in the later years to also try and get this business case up off the ground… So we are working on this project.”