A fitness club is helping overweight pets

Most of us love to spoil our pets with treats, but feeding them too much can lead to our furry friends packing on the the pounds.

Pet obesity is a growing epidemic and one that a UK charity have come up with a cute strategy to combat.

PDSA have developed a six-month diet and exercise program, called Pet Fit Club, to help overweight pets get back into shape.


PHOTO: PDSA – Help a vet help a pet / Facebook

PHOTO: PDSA – Help a vet help a pet / Facebook

The program also creates awareness of the serious issue and teaches owners what they should be feeding and how often they should be exercising their pets.

On Thursday, the first round of pets completed the program. Former bulging Bullmastiff Kayla, who used to enjoy a roast on Sundays and cornflakes for breakfast, was crowned the inaugural pet slimmer of the year after shedding nearly a third of her bodyweight.